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Recommendation (No.11) relating to the recognition of certain adoption decisions taken or recognised in a member State of International Commission on Civil Status
adopted in Strasbourg on 17 September 2015
Recommendation (No.10) on marriage
adopted in Paris on 26 September 2014
Recommendation (No.9) on combating documentary fraud with respect to civil status
adopted in Strasbourg on 17 March 2005
Recommendation (No.8) on the computerisation of civil registration
adopted in Strasbourg on 21 March 1991
Recommendation (No.7) on the harmonisation of extracts from civil status records
adopted in Madrid on 7 September 1990
Recommendation (No.6) relating to international co-operation in the matter of administrative assistance to asylum seekers
adopted in Patras on 8 September 1989
Recommendation (No.5) relating to the harmonisation of civil status records
adopted in Lisbon on 10 September 1987
Recommendation (No.4) relating to the accessibility to the public of civil status registers and records
adopted in Rome on 5 September 1984
Recommendation (No.3) on the identification of refugees from South-East Asia
adopted in Munich on 3 September 1980
Recommendation (No.2) on the law of marriage
adopted in Vienna on 8 September 1976
Recommendation (No.1) on the issue and recognition of documents issued to refugees under the Geneva Convention of 28 July 1951
adopted in Luxembourg on 8 September 1967