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Presentation of the ICCS

The ICCS is an intergovernmental organisation whose aim is to promote international cooperation in civil status matters and to improve the functioning of national civil status services. To this end, it maintains a legislative and jurisprudential documentation exposing the law of the member States, provides these States with information and expertise, carries out legal and technical studies, issues publications and draws up Conventions and Recommendations.
Interview with the Secretary General of the ICCS
During the interview given to the Association du Notariat Francophone (ANF), the Secretary General answered questions related to the functioning and activity of the ICCS.
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Interview with Mr. Nicolas Nord
Conference Invitation
President : Mr. Ibrahim Taşyapan - Director General of Population and Nationality at the Ministry of the Interior (Turkey)
Vice-President : Mr. David Rüetschi - Head of the Federal Office of Civil Status OFEC(Switzerland)
General Secretariat
Secretary General : Mr. Nicolas Nord - Professor of Private International Law at University of Strasbourg (France)
Deputy Secretary General : Ms. Camille Reitzer - Doctor of Law, specialist in Private International Law (France)
Members Accession
Belgium Founder
Spain 13/09/1974
Luxembourg Founder
Switzerland Founder
Turkey 24/09/1953
Association du Notariat Francophone (ANF) 21/03/2024
Observer States
States Obtaining of the Status
Cyprus 24/03/1999
Lithuania 23/03/1994
Moldova 28/03/2006
Romania 09/09/2008
Holy See Lifetime
Slovenia 27/03/1996
Sweden Lifetime