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Les informations diffusées sur ce site n'engagent pas la responsabilité de la CIEC. Elles renvoient parfois à des sites extérieurs sur lesquels la Commission Internationale de l'Etat Civil n'a aucun contrôle et pour lesquels elle décline toute responsabilité. Elles ne constituent pas un avis professionnel ou juridique. Le Secrétariat Général de la CIEC s'est efforcé de rendre ce site agréable et de n'intégrer que des informations actualisées et exactes. Tout en ne garantissant pas l'absence d'erreurs, la Commission Internationale de l'État Civil s'efforcera de corriger celles qui seront portées à sa connaissance.

Déclaration des droits d'auteur

Le Secrétariat Général de la CIEC a mis ce site en service pour permettre une plus large diffusion des travaux réalisés par la Commission. Leur reproduction est autorisée, mais exclusivement à des fins non-commerciales et sous réserve d'en mentionner l'origine.



The International Commission on Civil Status (ICCS) accepts no responsability regarding the information provided on this site. Where links are provided to external websites, the ICCS has no control over these websites' contents and accepts no responsibility for them. The information provided here does not constitute a professional or legal opinion. The Secretariat General of the ICCS has endeavoured to make this site pleasant to use and to include only up-to-date and correct information. While it does not guarantee the absence of errors, the ICCS will do its best to correct any that are brought to its attention.

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The Secretariat General of the ICCS has provided this website in order to make its work more widely available. The reproduction of the documents on this site is permitted, but only for non-commercial purposes and on condition of mentioning their origin.


Translator's note

Whilst every effort has been made to achieve a faithful translation of the Conventions and Recommendations, it should be remembered that the only authentic text is the French, this being the official language of the International Commission on Civil Status.

A translator of these instruments is faced with a number of problems. Thus, "état civil" has generally been rendered as "civil status", the term which is current in international terminology, even though there is no exact equivalent in the internal law of all common-law countries. Alternatively, "civil registration" is used when "état civil" refers to the registration system as such. Again, the more general title "civil registrar" has been used for "officier de l'état civil", rather than ones that might be more familiar, such as "Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths". The word "acte" is more difficult since, as is explained in the Explanatory Reports to Conventions Nos. 14 and 17, its meaning varies from State to State, denoting either the original entry in the registers or, alternatively, a copy of or even an extract from the original. Whilst "certificate" might be an appropriate translation in many cases, the word "record" has, save where the context otherwise requires, been retained as a more general term covering all the foregoing possibilities.

The forms and models appended to certain Conventions and Recommendations (other than Recommendations Nos. 5 and 7) have not been translated, neither have declarations by Contracting States regarding the territorial scope of a Convention or the designation of competent authorities.




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